When To Contact A Family Law Firm In Southlake TX

If you and your ex are embroiled in an intense custody battle, you’re not alone. Countless couples find themselves facing these challenging legal battles after the dissolution of their marriages. Knowing when to contact a family law firm in Southlake TX is important. At Mitchell Law Firm, we offer an expansive range of services and boast a vast history of successfully resolved cases. With our help, you can effectively resolve the issues you’re dealing with by establishing reasonable goals, negotiating with the other party, and making sure that your little ones are in the right environment and well-protected.

Working with a divorce law firm is always the best choice. Many people attempt to save money by handling their divorces on their own. Sadly, however, the long-term costs of doing so can be extreme. Unrepresented parties do not generally fair well. They often fail to get alimony, child support, and custodial rights that are in line with what they want, and in many cases, some divorcing partners fail to get anything at all.

The best time to call a family law attorney is anytime that you’re dealing with a case affecting your personal or shared finances, or one that affects the amount of time you spend with your children. We can help you get more visitation, shared custody, full custody, or increased child support. When you work with us, we will help you learn your options, the likelihood of getting what you want, and the best grounds for negotiating.

Our services help expedite decisions, especially when doing so ensures the safety of minor children. If your legal battle has already been a long one, contact our offices now to start service. We’ll make sure that your concerns are addressed and that the contention is resolved in a timely and effective matter.

We also assist with adoption cases. These can be just as emotionally challenging, financially taxing, and legally difficult as any other battle within this legal area. Call us now to learn more about our practice areas, our case history, and our fees.