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High Net Worth & Complex Property Division

In any divorce, if the parties are incapable of coming to an agreement regarding the fair distribution of marital assets, then a judge will listen to evidence given in a divorce trial and issue an order regarding the division of marital property.

Mitchell Law Firm can provide educated and confident legal representation to high net worth individuals involved in divorces with complex matters of property division between parties.

Protect Your Assets With Our Legal Counsel

Mitchell Law Firm has extensive experience in property division matters. Our attorneys understand how to identify, value, and trace the transformations of property, so marital assets acquired during the marriage can be divided equally.

Our research conducted will allow us to find marital assets that your spouse may have attempted to hide or re-title. Our preparation methods and 15 years of experience enable us to defend our analysis in settlement negotiations and at trial. Get in touch with us today for an appointment.

A Full Understanding Of The Property Division Process

  • Protection of assets

  • A fair division

  • Marital property

  • Debts

  • Divorce process