Assistance With Collaborative Divorce

A Dedicated Collaborative Divorce Lawyer in Keller, TX

What is Collaborative Law?

Collaborative law is the process of eliminating disputes from the hostile environment of a courtroom into a problem-solving setting of negotiations. A collaborative law divorce has both parties use mediation and negotiations to come to an agreement regarding their divorce.

However, it takes two willing participants for a collaborative divorce to work. If your spouse is hesitant or stubborn, mediation and negotiations may be ineffective. Call Mitchell Law Firm today for assistance with collaborative divorce.

Benefits of Having a Collaborative Divorce

  • Saves money and time

  • Informal setting

  • Minimal stress due to lack of litigation

  • You negotiate a result that works for you

What Is the Process of a Collaborative Divorce?

Each party hires their own attorney who should be supportive of mediation and experienced with negotiations.

Meet with your attorney of choice privately and let them know exactly what you want as well as what your expectations are. However, you must be willing to make compromises. Be certain that your attorney knows your limits- the minimum you are prepared to accept and the maximum you hope to receive.

Both parties meet and these conferences will most likely happen on a regular basis unless an agreement is decided upon quickly. Collaborative divorces often include other professionals including- but not limited to- party-neutral child custody specialists and accountants.

If there happen to be major difficulties between the two party’s negotiations then, a licensed mediator might be brought in to ease the process and reach an agreement.

Both parties including their attorneys sign a “no court” agreement that directs both of the attorneys to withdraw from the case if the case does continue to a lawsuit within a court.

Afterward, file your divorce papers and settlement agreement with the court. Since you have chosen a collaborative law divorce, the filing will be a simple, undisputable process.