Get The Advice That You Need For Child Support Issues

The Trusted Child Support Attorney in Keller, TX

Make the Right Decisions Regarding Child Support

Facing the difficult decisions surrounding child support can take an emotional toll on you. Let Mitchell Law Firm help reduce the stress during this time. We’ll help you determine your child support goals.

First, the level of child support will be determined through all the relevant expenses and deductions, including the parents’ incomes, number of overnights, and health care expenses. Call us today for an appointment!

Protect Your Rights and Options

  • Seek modifications in your child support plan every three years or when a major change in circumstances occurs

  • Advise you concerning the collection of past due child support and defend you if you owe past due support, or if you are charged with or threatened with a contempt order

  • If you’re the mother, we’ll seek to obtain an order requiring the father to pay you support. Men can also be represented in these cases

  • Complex child support matters including if one or both parents are self-employed, if a parent has a hidden income, and if a parent lives out-of-state

  • Experience in attorney general and contempt cases